Belgrade, 01.10.2009

RESERVE is an agency which provides booking services for all restaurants and clubs in Belgrade. Clients can also use RESERVE services to book hotels, hostels, casinos, wellness centers, children playhouses… Development of the site was guided by the desires of our citizens and foreign guests to have a reliable source of information about the places they would like to visit and also have someone who could always book those premises for them.

Main goal for the web-site was to become the number one location where visitors could find and book the best premises in Belgrade. We were very much aware that there are a lot of web-sites with a similar agenda out there, therefore we were striving for a web-site which would have an impressive design and be fully functional at the same time. Essential Dots was in charge of the web-site’s development, this company proved beyond any doubt that it was up to this task.

For all our blog readers who wish to enjoy all the best stuff Belgrade has to offer, wait no more and visit

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