TYPO3.rs - TYPO3 support site on Serbian

Belgrade, 27.02.2009

Essential Dots announced release of TYPO3.rs - a full featured free TYPO3 support site on Serbian. This web site is not only oriented towards presenting TYPO3 to Serbian market, but it also delivers some insight about how web development agencies work in general and what the clients should take in account when selecting a proper service.

Featured on the web site is also a complete TYPO3 manual for editors and administrators on Serbian (in amount of around 200 pages of printed material).

Although Serbian web agencies are well known in Europe for expertise and diligence, domestic market is still to be shaped and developed. Our internal researches have shown that more than 70% of potential customers have wrong expectation about their future web site, with both huge under and over estimates on potential success. The inspiration came exactly from that statistics. The first goal of TYPO3.rs is therefore to educate. The second goal is to enhance our TYPO3 service by offering a free manual which can be very helpful reference for those who don't use TYPO3 on a daily basis.

Visit the TYPO3.rs website